Things You Should Know About Different Types of Bathroom Floor Tiles

Nothing is more comfortable than having a gorgeous bathroom. There are some restrictions regarding bathroom design for the necessity to deal with an adequate amount of water and the ability to clean it deeply. So, you have to consider the following things about bathroom flooring before knowing about different tiles.

  • Architectural theme of a house
  • Anticipated wear, tear, and scratches in the bathroom
  • If homeowners have radiant heating in the floor
  • The color or texture you like
  • Your budget

Different types of tiles for your bathroom

1. Vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles are mostly used in bathrooms as they are easier to install. Its reusability ensures eco-friendliness. An important thing is that they are less prone to breaking. You do not have to pay huge expenses to install such types of tiles.

2. Stone tiles

Slate, marble, limestone, and granite tiles are now becoming popular. Different textures including etched, tumbled, cleft, and sandblasted are now available in the market. You can also choose from different ranges of colors. If you consider the issue of regular cleaning, it must be said that stone tiles require regular cleaning which is quite expensive. Marble tiles are astonishing to look at but they are expensive. If you are looking for durable stone tiles, granite tiles are the best. Limestone tiles are ideal for giving your bathroom a natural appearance apart from durability.

3. Ceramic tiles

A perfect cozy themed bathroom would not be possible without wood and rock texture of ceramic tiles. These are easier to maintain and cost-effective. You will have a huge variety of colors and designs with ceramic tiles.

3. Wood floor

As water easily penetrates the finish, wood floor may catch stain and crack in the long run. So, only risk-takers should proceed with it. Your bathroom remodel contractor should check whether wood tiles have been carefully sealed around the bathroom’s perimeter.

Consult with bathroom flooring experts at Kitchen LA Inc. to know which tile would be perfect for your bathroom.