Recent Bathroom Remodel Trends

People are always ready to embrace new things in their life particularly when those new things are beneficial for them. It is particularly applicable when it comes to bathroom renovation. Homeowners wish to adopt new ideas to design their bathrooms uniquely. Here are some recent trends of bathroom remodeling that you can try.


  1. Natural elements: Homeowners now like to add natural elements to add a bit of liveliness in their bathroom. Using nice plants and color combinations, they wish to change the look of their bathroom.

  2. Open Showers: Installing open showers are a great option to save space and incorporate a minimalistic design. If you do not have enough space, you should choose this option.

  3. Coffee-table style vanities: Open vanities with thin edges and console-look are now popular among homeowners. Rather than adding enclosed and space-consuming vanity, they are now getting interested to include thin-edged vanities.

  4. Terrazzo trend: Terrazzo trend with a combination of cement, marble, and stones is now homeowners’ favorite. It gives the bathroom a finished yet rough edge. Carpet-like walls and backsplashes will attract the attention of everyone just after entering the bathroom.

  5. Vintage touch: Vintage/retro trend includes wood in the design to offer a classy look. To incorporate the retro feel in a modern aesthetic, add a vintage touch to sinks.

  6. Bold tile patterns: Now homeowners desire to use bold clashing tiles that are different in color and texture. It’s your time to give your bathroom a timeless yet chic look.

  7. Standalone tubs and sinks: Standalone sinks and tubs are becoming a popular choice for large bathrooms. Some structural changes can also make it work on smaller bathrooms also.

  8. Statement fixtures: Classic fixtures like gold and copper metallic taps, handles, and shower knobs are perfectly suitable.

Change the look of your bathroom with all these recent trends. Consult with Kitchen LA Inc. to remodel your bathroom within your budget.