3 Exclusive Tips for Your Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Are you looking for some stunning ideas to remodel your kitchen in a modern farmhouse style? Then, you should focus on three main ingredients for your cooking space- industrial-style accents, modern features, and rustic elements. But without gaining enough knowledge of perfect combinations of these three elements, you can’t get such a modern kitchen for a kitchen to remodel in Ventura CA!

  1. Copper fixtures for lighting

If you want to make a wide range of decor styles, then copper accents can be an ideal option for you. For this farmhouse-style kitchen, this lighting fixture runs a gamut from an antique-inspired design. These copper fixtures are going to give a rustic and beautiful look to your kitchen. So, if elegance is the main element of your style statement, then you must choose these copper fixtures.

  1. Farmhouse colors

Well, you don’t need to bother about any fixed rule for selecting colors if you want a kitchen to remodel in Ventura CA in a farmhouse style. However, for best results, you can choose combinations of natural wood, black or white tones. So, get ready to enjoy a beautiful farmhouse kitchen with a white quartz countertop, walnut wood-made island, and black cabinets!

  1. Decorative Braces made of wood

While designing your kitchen in this specific style, one major thing you need to keep in mind is functionality. To achieve this, you can use X-brace supports for the kitchen island. These strong, decorative, and durable braces are appropriate to carry the countertop weight.

Further, the area of food preparation can be arranged with a crate and spice rack, filled with kitchen utensils. Besides, don’t forget to add the coffee station in this area!

To get such amazing tips for kitchen remodel in Ventura CA, contact us today!